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Atlantic Ecosystems Initiatives




Atlantic Ecosystems Initiatives funding program aims to improve the health, productivity and long-term sustainability of ecosystems in Atlantic Canada.  It supports projects that use an ecosystem-based approach that includes broad partnerships and collaborative action leading to positive environmental results.

Eligible Applicants

Only Atlantic Canadian-based organizations are eligible to apply and include:

  • Indigenous governments and organizations
  • non-governmental organizations
  • coalitions and networks of organizations
  • research and academic institutions

Although business/industry, federal, provincial, and municipal governments are not eligible funding recipients, they are encouraged to partner with applicants on projects.

Eligible Expenses

Funding will be provided for projects that:

  • enhance integrated ecosystem planning and decision-making
  • increase ecosystem knowledge and science
  • undertake actions that impact priority ecosystems in Atlantic Canada to conserve, restore and enhance the health of ecosystems

Planning and decision-making: Projects will address complex water quality issues through integrated planning and collaborative decision-making that will lead to action and measureable environmental results. Eligible activities include:

  • expansion of existing and/or the development of new integrated strategies, plans, frameworks and action plans
  • adaptation planning
  • integration of data/information

Knowledge and science: Projects will increase knowledge to better understand and address issues that affect the health of Atlantic Canada’s priority ecosystems. Projects will involve the collection, interpretation, analysis and sharing of information to support informed decisions and action. Eligible activities include:

  • GIS mapping
  • vulnerability, risk, stressor, and/or threat assessments
  • measurement, analysis or modelling of ecosystem changes or trends
  • measurement, assessment, monitoring or modeling of multiple stressors and their cumulative effects
  • assessment of baseline environmental conditions
  • development of scientific tools, techniques, indicators and approaches
  • monitoring and/or modeling of cumulative effects

Action: Projects will involve water quality conservation, restoration and enhancement as part of an overall strategic plan. Projects must demonstrate an ecosystem-based approach and show how the work is part of an overall strategic plan for the watershed. Eligible activities include:

  • best management practices to improve water quality (such as livestock fencing, riparian enhancement, erosion control)
  • reducing water quality stressors or impacts

Deadline Date

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