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Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund │ Canada Foundation for Innovation


The CFI will invest up to $115 million in research infrastructure funding through this competition and will fund up to 60 percent of a project’s eligible infrastructure costs.


The Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund supports the bioscience infrastructure needs of postsecondary institutions and research hospitals by providing high-performance tools, innovative research spaces and biocontainment facilities.

Eligible Applicants

Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals and non-profit research institutions recognized as CFI-eligible can apply to this fund on behalf of a facility.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible infrastructure projects:

An eligible project is one that involves acquiring or developing research infrastructure to increase research capacity in existing CL3 or CL4 facilities and only those CL2 or CL2+ facilities that are essential to the operations of the CL3 or CL4 facilities.

Projects submitted may include renovations, repairs to existing infrastructure (whether CFI-funded or not) and equipment housed within the CL3 or CL4 facilities or which are necessary to maintain, renew or augment their Canadian Biosafety Standards certification to work with human pathogens.

In addition to containment facilities, eligible projects may involve associated facilities for large animals. Small-animal (e.g. rodents, ferrets, etc.) facilities are not eligible.

Deadline Date

  Deadline to submit notices of intent: October 18, 2021


Contact Name: Canada Foundation for Innovation

Phone Number: 6139476496

E-mail Address:


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