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Business Development Support (BDS) Program │ Edmonton Regional Innovation Network




The Post-Secondary Institution Partners (PSI Partners), Concordia University of Edmonton, NAIT, NorQuest College, and University of Alberta, are excited to offer the Business Development Support (BDS) program.

The PSI Partners, with support from the Edmonton Regional Innovation Network, are offering start-up development services to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The BDS program will match you with subject matter experts who will help move your passion project or start-up closer to market. Experts will work with you individually to help address your unique challenges and gaps, and will assist you in performing tasks that move you closer to company creation or market.

Eligible Applicants

We are seeking students, staff and alumni* who are working to take an innovation-based product or service to market.

*Alumni must be actively engaged in a business support program on one of the following PSI Partner campuses.

1. Concordia University of Edmonton
3. NorQuest College
4. University of Alberta

Eligible Expenses

For this pilot program, subject matter experts have not been identified and we are seeking your input. Experts could support you in the following areas: market development and analysis, intellectual property strategy, financial expertise, technical and regulatory, leadership and teams, sales and/or marketing or business operations and strategy. The expertise offered will be subject to the demand of applicants and is not limited to these areas; therefore, please share with us where you need help.

Deadline Date

March 19, 2021


Contact Name: Edmonton Regional Innovation Network


Industry: University Partnerships, Location: Alberta ,
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