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Call for Full Project Proposals (FPPs) Environmental and Social Studies – Seabirds in Atlantic Offshore


100% of the Total Study Costs, maximum of up to $600,000 over 2-3 years


Call for Full Project Proposals (FPPs) Environmental and Social Studies – Seabirds in Atlantic Offshore aims to develop a program of research aimed to better understand if and how seabirds, in particular, Leach’s storm petrels, are attracted to light generated by oil and gas activities in Atlantic offshore.

ESRF can fund up to 100% of the Total Study Costs. The funding for each literature review is estimated at $100,000 – $150,000 over one year and the funding for the Leach’s storm-petrels population model is estimated at $200,000 – $600,000 over 2-3 years depending on the amplitude of the proposed project. Projects must finish by March 31, 2024.

Eligible Applicants

  1. Legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada, including:
    • For profit and not for profit organizations such as companies, industry associations, research associations, etc.;
    • Indigenous organizations and groups;
    • Community groups; and
    • Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions; or
  2. Federal, provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and their departments, agencies and research centres.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenditures for an approved project under the ESRF must be directly related to, and necessary for, the implementation and conduct of a project as defined in the terms of the Funding Agreement or MOU, and will include:

  • Salaries and benefits for employees on the payroll of the Proponent for the actual time spent by the employees on the Project;
  • Professional, scientific, technical and contracting services or fees; whenever the services are provided directly by the Proponent, professional, scientific or technical fees can be charged in lieu of salaries and benefits, given these fees are the ones usually charged to the Proponent’s customers;
  • Reasonable travel expenditures, including meals and accommodation;
  • Printing services;
  • Data collection services, including processing, analysis and management;
  • Licence fees and permits;
  • Field testing services;
  • Purchase, installation and testing of qualifying equipment, materials and products equipment and products, including diagnostic and testing tools and instruments (subject to approval by the ESRF Management Board and explicit inclusion in the Funding Agreement or MOU);
  • Laboratory and field supplies and materials;
  • Federal and Provincial Taxes that are not refunded; and,
  • Overhead expenditures, provided they are directly related to the conduct of the Project and can be attributed to it (limited to 15% of Total eligible expenditures).

Deadline Date

January 31, 2021
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