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Canada Community Revitalization Fund


Contribution up to 100% funding for projects with Indigenous groups.


The Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) aims to help communities across Canada build and improve community infrastructure projects so they can rebound from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a national investment of $500 million over two years, the fund’s purpose is to support not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and other community groups, as well as Indigenous communities:

  • build new community infrastructure and revitalize existing assets
  • bring people back to public spaces safely as health measures ease
  • create jobs and stimulate local economies

Eligible Applicants

  • not-for-profit organizations or charities
  • any municipal or regional government, or bodies providing infrastructure services to communities (e.g. municipalities, rural communities, local service districts, public-sector bodies)
  • Indigenous-led not-for-profits and organizations

NOTE: Individuals, businesses and provincial or territorial governments are not eligible to apply to the CCRF

Eligible Expenses

The fund will provide support to:

  1. adapt community spaces and assets so that they may be used safely in accordance with local public-health guidelines
  2. build or improve community infrastructure to encourage Canadians to re-engage in and explore their communities and regions.

Eligible projects will be prioritized in the following order:

  • Revitalize Downtown Cores and Main Streets
  • Reinvent Outdoor Spaces
  • Create Green Infrastructure
  • Increase the Accessibility of Community Spaces

Deadline Date

  Now open for applications. CCRF is a time-limited initiative ending March 31, 2023.


Contact Name: ACOA Business Information Services

Phone Number: 1-888-576-4444

E-mail Address:


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