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Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) – Collective Innovation Stream | Government of Canada:


75% of the total eligible cost of the project.


The Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) provides financial assistance to Canadian print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals, to enable them to overcome market disadvantages and continue to provide Canadian readers with the content they choose to read.

The CPF has three components:

  • Aid to Publishers
  • Business Innovation
  • Collective Initiatives

Eligible Applicants

  • Be incorporated as a non-profit organization under the laws of Canada or a province
  • Have its head office located in Canada
  • Have been in operation for at least one financial year prior to application
  • Have a mandate within the Canadian periodical industry of:
    • Representing and informing members of the periodical industry
    • Delivering educational or consultative programs to its members and/or other members of the industry
    • Promoting Canadian print magazines, digital periodicals, non-daily newspapers or the services of their creators
    • Encouraging and recognizing excellence in the content and creation of Canadian print magazines, digital periodicals and non-daily newspapers

Eligible Expenses

  • Salaries/benefits of employees related to the project, including professional/consultant fee
  • Data entry and analysis, Website creation and addition of features
  • Cost of producing documents and products, mailing/distribution costs
  • Specialized software purchase or custom programming
  • Promotional and advertising costs
  • Registration fees (excludes registration fees of participants for the organization’s own events), Travel expenses that are directly business-oriented
  • Overhead costs related to the project up to 10% of total eligible expenses
  • Costs of audited financial report for the project Rental costs and market research costs

Deadline Date

  September 15
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