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Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program




Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program supports the Canadian agricultural sector’s participation in the Government of Canada’s growth and policy objectives, by investing in the sector’s design, development and implementation of tools and strategies to respond to and seize opportunities created by these objectives.

Eligible Applicants

Not-for profit organizations that are incorporated in Canada.

They can include:

  • not-for profit organizations and associations, cooperatives, marketing boards; and
  • Indigenous groups.

Note: Eligible applicants must be legal entities that are capable of entering into legally binding agreements.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible costs include:

  • Administrative Costs – your ongoing or core activities and overhead expenses (that is, fundamental operational activities). These costs will be calculated at a flat rate of 10 percent of total project costs under the contribution agreement (CA).
    • Note: Capital Assets with a per-item cost of more than $100,000 will not be included in the calculation of administrative costs.
  • Salaries and Benefits – salaries paid to, and benefits paid to or on behalf of staff to execute activities outlined in the project work plan.
  • Contracted Services – professional or specialized services for which a contract is entered into, such as: inspection, consultant/expert services, installation, and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012.
  • Travel Costs – costs directly related to the project, such as: per diems (accommodations, meals, taxis and incidentals); air, rail and ground transportation (to an out-of-city destination).
  • Capital Assets – costs that are tangible assets that are purchased, constructed, developed or otherwise required to complete the project. Expenditures for capital assets should not exceed 25 percent of total project costs.
  • Other Direct Project Costs – costs that are for project-related deliverables, such as: shipping, translation, marketing costs related to production of materials/documents/knowledge transfer, and other costs that AAFC deems eligible.

Deadline Date

  Applications are only being accepted for projects with end dates on or before March 31, 2024.
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