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Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime


$450 per week.


The Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime aims to provide support to parents or legal guardians who have taken time away from work and suffered a loss of income to cope with the death or disappearance of their child or children.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, you must:

  • be legally responsible for the child or children involved in the incident
  • have earned at least $6,500 in the previous calendar year, or in the 52 weeks prior to the incident
  • be on leave from employment or only working up to 50 percent of your regular work week, up to a maximum of 20 hours per week
  • have a valid Social Insurance Number
  • not be receiving any type of Employment Insurance benefits or Quebec Parental Insurance Plan benefits and
  • not have been charged with committing a probable Criminal Code offence that led to the death or disappearance of the child

Eligible Expenses

  • If you are eligible, you will receive $450 per week before tax, every 2 weeks. Income tax will be deducted from the payments. You could receive up to 35 weeks of income support during the 104 weeks immediately following the incident.
  • You will receive a statement of income (T4A) slip for income tax purposes at the end of the year (Quebec residents will also receive an RL-1 slip).
  • If you include your banking information on your application, you will receive your payments faster through direct deposit at your bank.
  • If you do not provide the information for direct deposit, Service Canada will mail a cheque to the mailing address you provide on your application form.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Canadian Benefit for Parents of Young Victims of Crime Processing Centre

Phone Number: 1-800-622-6232 (toll-free)


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