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Cancer Screening Research and Innovation Opportunity




Cancer Screening Research and Innovation Opportunity is intended to provide funding to post-secondary institutions, community-based non-profit-organizations and health delivery agents.

Eligible Applicants

To know more about your eligibility, please check the information on the Eligible Expenses.

Eligible Expenses

  • Stream I: community engagement – for applicants looking to implement cross- organizational or sectoral engagement.
    • Value: Up to $10,000
    • Term: Up to six months
    • Deadline: Continuous intake until August 2021
  • Stream II: solution implementation – for applicants seeking to test the implementation of a solution to a defined gap in cancer screening in underserved populations.
    • Value: Up to $750,000
    • Term: Up to 24 months
    • Deadline: August 30, 2019
  • Stream III: data integration & analysis to define new gaps – for applicants seeking to optimize cancer screening by linking disparate data sources to identify, verify, define and/or better understand gaps.
    • Value: Up to $500,000
    • Term: Up to 12 months
    • Deadline: TBA

Deadline Date

  Please check deadline date details indicated on Eligible Expenses.
Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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