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Capital project: GHG reduction pathway retrofit


Combined loan and grant for up to 80% of eligible project costs; Maximum of $5 million per project. Up to 25% as a grant and the remainder as a loan


Make significant reductions in energy-use and GHG emissions by retrofitting community buildings over time. This funding enables the implementation of longer-term, multi-measure retrofit capital projects that contribute to a GHG reduction pathway.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for this grant, projects must include at least one community building that is owned by a municipality or not-for-profit organization.

A community building is an enclosed public place or an enclosed workplace that is:

  • owned by a municipal government or not-for-profit;
  • primarily used for the purposes of providing athletic, recreational, culture and community programs or services to the local community;
  • widely accessible to everyone offering services designed to enhance the health and well-being, skills development, and economic development of individuals and communities.

Eligible Expenses

Community buildings include:

  • indoor ice rinks, indoor sports arenas, indoor swimming pools,
  • community and recreational centres (e.g., community centres, clubhouses, seniors’ centres and clubs, recreation centres, gyms, halls, and curling rinks),
  • arts and culture facilities (cultural facilities, performing arts facilities, art galleries, and auditoriums),
  • libraries, and
  • multi-purpose buildings which include one or more of the above community functions as well as other services/administrative functions.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Phone Number: 16132415221

E-mail Address:


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