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Capital project: Retrofit of sustainable affordable housing | Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM):


Up to a maximum combined financing of $10 million. Financing (a combination of a grant and loan) for up to 80% of total eligible project costs.


We fund retrofit capital projects that integrate leading-edge deep energy efficiency measures and onsite renewable energy generation for existing affordable housing units through a combination of loans and grants.

Eligible Applicants

  • Canadian municipal governments (e.g., towns, cities, regions, districts and local boards thereof)
  • Municipally owned corporations, such as municipal housing service providers; or
  • Non-profit, mission-driven affordable housing providers, including cooperatives.

Eligible Expenses

This funding supports measures to install or update physical infrastructure to improve existing buildings’ energy performance and maintain housing for the long-term.

Deadline Date

  Applications are accepted year round, though this offer will close when all funding has been allocated.


Contact Name: Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

Phone Number: 1-877-417-0550

E-mail Address:


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