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Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge


$200,001 up to $500,000 CAD


The Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge is a $15 million international competition to accelerate the production of carbon fibre from bitumen-derived asphaltenes . The Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge is part of the broader “Bitumen Beyond Combustion” initiative by Alberta Innovates to further the development of non-combustion products and their production technologies, derived from bitumen contained in Alberta’s oil sands, which are among the world’s largest hydrocarbon resources with proven reserves of approximately 170 billion barrels.


Eligible Applicants

The Carbon Fibre Grand Challenge is open to technology developers, industry (including small medium and large size enterprises), industrial associations, research and development (R&D) organizations, post-secondary institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and government research labs, providing they are legally able to execute the Investment Agreement (link in Resources section below). Applicants are not required to be based in Alberta but must demonstrate a clear value proposition for the province.

Eligible Expenses

  • Labour
  • Materials
  • Capital Assets & Software
  • Travel
  • Sub-contractors
    • Others

Deadline Date

  Phase I concluded in February 2021. Phase II – April 27, 2021. Phase III – Demonstration: January 2023 – December 2024


Contact Name: Paolo Bomben, PhD (Senior Manager, Clean Technology Development - Clean Energy)

Phone Number: 587-779-2917

E-mail Address:


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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