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Celebration and Commemoration Program — Reopening Fund


Varies. If your funding request is over $1,000,000, please contact the program directly before submitting your application.


Celebration and Commemoration Program — Reopening Fund is a 1-year funding initiative that  will provide funding to eligible recipients to support initiatives that meet 1 or more of the following requirements:

  • increase opportunities for Canadians to participate in various commemorative activities and celebrations to mark Canada’s emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • build a sense of pride and belonging to Canada by holding celebratory and commemorative activities that recognize people and achievements in the response to COVID-19
  • support the revival of local economies through in person events

Eligible Applicants

The following organizations are eligible for funding:

  • Canadian not-for-profit organization, corporation, trust, cooperative, or unincorporated association
  • Canadian for-profit organization where proposed projects are non-commercial in nature
  • Canadian educational institution
  • Canadian provincial/territorial, municipal government, Indigenous government (or equivalent authority) or another municipal, provincial or territorial institution

Eligible Expenses

Examples of eligible projects:

  • one-time celebratory or commemorative events that encourage participation and engagement
  • commemorative gardens or monuments (not exceeding $100,000)
  • educational and awareness material, exhibits or documentaries

The project must not be designed for fundraising for operational purposes or generate commercial advantage or profit.

Deadline Date

  January 31, 2022.
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