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Civil Society Fund


Maximum funding: $500,000 per project


The new Civil Society Fund (CSF) provides $20 million to expand civil society’s capacity to address social problems for Albertans. Of that, $7 million is budgeted for 2020/21 to support civil society’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSF funding is one-time only. Funding will not be provided to support the ongoing delivery of social programs and service or routine operational requirements of organizations.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the CSF as a primary applicant, all applicants must:

  1. be classified as one of the following:
    • a registered community not-for-profit organization, in good standing, under one of the following acts:Provincial legislation (Alberta)
      • Societies Act
      • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act – Extra-Provincial Corporations – Must have an Alberta-based address that is regularly monitored by an active member of the organization.
      • Companies Act, Part 9 (Not-for-profit companies)
      • Special Act of the Legislature
      • Agricultural Societies Act
      • Religious Societies Land Act, Part 2

      Federal legislation (Canada)

      • Special Act of Parliament
      • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, and must be registered in Alberta under the Business Corporations Act
      • Income Tax Act (and operating in the Province of Alberta (Charities)) – Must have an Alberta based address that is regularly monitored by an active member of the organization.
      • Board of Trade Act, Part 2 (Chambers of Commerce)
    • a First Nation
    • a Metis Settlement, or
    • a Collaborative: Collaboratives or collaborative projects are eligible for funding when the following elements are in place:
      • the applicant organization is a registered nonprofit organization, in good-standing, under one of the above mentioned acts
      • the collaborative’s structure, including the roles and responsibilities of the collaborative partners and the decision making process is clearly documented
      • a multi-year strategic plan with clear goals and priorities is utilized
      • there is a documented history of operating in Alberta for at least one year
      • financial resources are shared among the collaborative partners
  2. have been legally registered and operating in Alberta for a minimum of one full year

Eligible Expenses

Approved budgets and expenses depend on the nature and scope of the project and will be approved on an individual basis. Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • Salaries and wages for individuals whose duties are directly and primarily related to activities undertaken as part of the project as set out in the grant agreement
  • Consulting or professional services directly related to project’s outcomes (e.g. technology design/development; research; business strategy development)
  • Staff training/development costs
  • Rent/utilities directly related to the project as set out in the grant agreement
  • Travel costs – in accordance with standard Government of Alberta rates for fieldwork, research, and other related activities directly related to and necessary to carry out the activities under the project as set out in the grant agreement
  • Small capital purchases (e.g. office equipment and furnishings) directly related to the project
  • Evaluation costs
  • Office supplies
  • Advertising, promotion, and marketing
  • Administration costs directly related to the project (e.g. office operations, human resources, leadership, accounting) (maximum 10% of total budget)

Deadline Date

  September 2, 2022


Contact Name: Civil Society Fund staff

Phone Number: 780-644-2609 or 310-0000 before the phone number in Alberta (Toll-free)

E-mail Address:


Industry: Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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