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Clean Energy Transition Partnership’s (CETP) Joint Call 2022 │ Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)


up to $5 million


Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) is contributing up to $5 million to the Clean Energy Transition Partnership’s (CETP) Joint Call 2022. CETP is a transnational initiative for joint research, technological development, and innovation (RTDI) programing to boost and accelerate the energy transition.

Eligible Applicants

CETP collaborates with funding partners within and beyond Europe to broaden the global knowledge and experience base and introduce European solutions and stakeholders to global value chains. ERA joined CETP in January 2022. The initiative enables 50 national and regional funding partners from 30 countries to align on priorities, pool budgets for two joint calls in 2022 and 2023, and to implement annual calls until 2027.

Deadline Date

  Submissions for pre-proposals are due November 23, 2022. Shortlisted applicants will have until March 20, 2023 to submit full proposal.


Contact Name: Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)

Phone Number: 780-498-2068

E-mail Address:


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