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Clean Growth Program | Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)


Maximum $10 million


Under Budget 2017, $200M was provided to support clean innovation in Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors. Of this, $155 million will be delivered under the Clean Growth in the Natural Resource Sectors Program (CGP) to support clean technology research, development, and demonstration (RD&D), including up to first commercial installations, in Canada’s energy, mining and forestry sectors. The program will advance emerging clean technologies toward commercial readiness so that natural resource operationsFootnote1 can better reduce their impacts on air, land, and water, while enhancing competitiveness and creating jobs. It is open to projects from the mining, energy and forestry sectors.

The CGP covers five focus areas intended to address pressing environmental challenges and economic opportunities facing Canada’s natural resource sectors:

CGP consists of two separate funding streams:

  • R&D projects, from applied R&D to pilot projects
  • Demonstration projects, including up to first commercial installations

Eligible Applicants

  • Legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada, including:
    • For profit and not for profit organizations such as electricity and gas utilities, electricity system operators, transmissions owners and operators, companies, industry associations, research associations, and standards organizations;
    • Indigenous organizations and groups;
    • Federal research centres;
    • Community groups; and
    • Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and their departments and agencies where applicable

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  Currently closed. Future deadline to be determined.
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