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Clean Resource Technologies │ Alberta Innovates:




Clean Resources programs are created to develop, adapt, and commercialize innovative technologies that maximize the value of the province’s natural and renewable resources while protecting the environment.

Eligible Applicants

Programs Offered:

  • Bioenergy – supports the development of a bioenergy industry that contributes to Alberta’s supply of renewable energy through the production of biofuels and novel value-added products. The program invests in projects that develop and/or deploy waste or biomass conversion technologies.
  • Carbon Capture & Utilization – focuses on carbon capture and utilization innovation to convert carbon dioxide into useful products with significant commercial value and market demand through cost-competitive and environmentally sound technology solutions.
  • TIER Economic Recovery Program – consist of a set of “shovel-ready” projects that will accelerate innovation in support of GHG emissions reduction, increase long-term economic competitiveness and stimulate growth in critically important sectors of Alberta’s economy.
  • Cleaner Hydrocarbon Production – supports projects that will contribute to Alberta’s hydrocarbon resource value while securing long-term future for Alberta’s oil sand resources in a new economy.
  • Innovative Hydrocarbon Products – focuses on three sub-programs designed to diversify Alberta’s economy and add value to hydrocarbon resources that will enable Alberta to achieve prosperity in a low carbon, global economy.
  • Land & Biodiversity – this program aims to ensure that natural resource development operations and practices are sustainable.
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy – supports invests in renewable and low-carbon electricity while maintaining a reliable and affordable grid system.
  • Water Innovation – designed to achieve the goals of the Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy.
  • Agri-Food Innovation – committed to propelling the development and application of technologies to increase the productivity and sustainability of agri-food products and advancing prion research.
  • Bioindustrial Materials – supports economic development and diversification by investing in greener products and processes using Alberta biomass.
  • Critical Materials and Emerging Technology advances homegrown capacity of technologies and products that support a low-carbon economy with a focus on rare earth elements and critical minerals.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  Continuous Intake


Contact Name: Alberta Innovates

Phone Number: 1-877-423-5727


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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