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CleanBC Better Homes New Construction Program │ CleanBC Better Homes:


rebates up to $15,000


The CleanBC Better Homes New Construction Program provides rebates up to $15,000 for the construction of new, high-performance, electric homes. Through the CleanBC plan, the Province is supporting the adoption of the BC Energy Step Code and making energy efficient, climate-friendly homes more affordable and accessible for British Columbians.

Eligible Applicants

  • licensed residential builders, owner builders who are authorized by BC Housing, and buildings authorized by Indigenous communities who are building a new home in B.C.
  • Homes must be constructed in compliance with Part 9 of the BC Building Code and, where applicable, the municipally-adopted minimum BC Energy Step Code requirement.
  • The home must be one of the following building types: Single-family home, Laneway home, Duplex, Triplex, Row/townhome
  • The new home must be located in BC Hydro or New Westminster Electrical Utility service territory.
  • All builders participating in the Energy Step Code pathway or applying for the Energy Advisor Support Rebate must work with a Program Qualified Energy Advisor approved to deliver the CleanBC Better Homes New Construction Program.
  • Building permits for the home(s) must be issued on or after April 1, 2022.
  • You must receive pre-approval for the program by submitting a pre-registration form.

Eligible Expenses

Available Rebates:

Choose your rebate pathway:

  • Energy Step Code pathway: build a new home that meets a minimum BC Energy Step code level and is all-electric or
  • Heat pump pathway: build a new home that uses an electric heat pump for space heating or water heating, regardless of Energy Step Code level.

Deadline Date

  The program is fully subscribed. Applicants can submit a pre-registration form to be added to the program waitlist.
Industry: Housing, Location: British Colombia ,
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