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Climate Action Genomics Initiative Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems │ Genome Canada


$30 million available from Genome Canada to support the Initiative.


Launched in May 2022, the Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems initiative is investing $30M in cutting-edge genomic research and innovation to reduce the carbon footprint of Canada’s food production systems—building their resiliency, environmental sustainability and economic viability.

The overall objective of the Initiative is to support the development and application of genomic tools and technologies to mitigate the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of Canada’s food production systems, thereby ensuring that they are economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

Eligible Applicants

Agriculture sector

Eligible Expenses

The Initiative will deploy a number of funding opportunities that will make up the portfolio. These will include Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams (ICTs), a Data Coordination Centre (DCC), and a Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation Coordination Centre (KMICC).

Deadline Date

  Early July 2022: Registration deadline; Mid-Sept. 2022: Letter of intent (LOI) deadline; Jan. 2023: Application deadline
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