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Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems │ Genome Canada




Launched in May 2022, the Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems initiative is investing $30M in cutting-edge genomic research and innovation to reduce the carbon footprint of Canada’s food production systems—building their resiliency, environmental sustainability and economic viability.

Eligible Applicants

Genome Canada’s latest large-scale genomics initiative will support climate change mitigation and adaptation through strategic investments in climate-smart agriculture and food systems.

Eligible Expenses

The Initiative will deploy a number of funding opportunities that will make up the portfolio. These will include Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams (ICTs), a Data Coordination Centre (DCC), and a Knowledge Mobilization and Implementation Coordination Centre (KMICC).

Deadline Date

  Early July 2022: Registration deadline; Mid-Sept. 2022: Letter of intent (LOI) deadline; Mid-Jan. 2023: Application deadline
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