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Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) – Green Municipal Fund




Through the Community Efficiency Financing (CEF), our new $300 million initiative helps municipalities deliver energy efficient financing programs for low-rise residential properties. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), Local Improvement Charge (LIC) financing and utility on-bill financing are just some examples of financing models used by municipalities delivering residential energy programming.

Eligible Applicants


Eligible Expenses

Our new funding and learning resources can help your municipality achieve the following:

  • Create, launch and expand innovative financing programs for residential energy projects.
  • Generate triple bottom line benefits:
    • Reduce GHG emissions, create energy savings and contribute to climate adaptation, water conservation and health and safety outcomes
    • Accelerate energy cost savings, improve housing affordability and keep the local economy moving
    • Increase home comfort, health and quality of life for residents

Deadline Date

October 30, 2020


Contact Name: Federation of Canadian Municipalities

Phone Number: 613-241-5221

E-mail Address:


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