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Community Investment Program | CNOOC International:




CNOOC International’s Community Investment program helps strengthen the communities where we live and work. Through meaningful corporate gifts including donations and sponsorships, we prioritize funding for projects that provide long-term and sustainable results that have a positive impact on our communities. Our funding priorities are:

  • Supporting Thriving & Safe Communities
  • Advancing Education
  • Capacity Building for Indigenous Communities
  • Employee Initiatives

Eligible Applicants

Organizations eligible to receive funding are:

  • Charitable organizations with proof of status as defined by the laws of the country in which they operate. For example:
    • Registration number from the Canada Revenue Agency
    • 501(c)3 status in the United States
    • Registration number from the Charity Commission in England and Wales
    • Registration with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator
    • Registered charity number from the Charities Regulator in Ireland
  • Non-profit organizations with a business number or equivalent information
  • Community organizations
  • Indigenous groups

Eligible Expenses

  • Supporting Thriving & Safe Communities- focus on helping individuals and families in need access the resources and opportunities to help them reach their full potential. Also, supports initiatives that contribute to advancing safety and emergency response in the communities where we operate.
  • Advancing Education – funding to support students pursuing education.
  • Capacity Building for Indigenous Communities – Support for Indigenous stakeholders in an important pillar in our Community Investment program. Focuses on providing funding that supports capacity building, educational advancement and thriving communities.
  • Employee Initiatives – through ReachOut program, supports the organizations and initiatives by matching employee donations to charitable and non-profit organization. Also, supports employee volunteerism in the community through team-building volunteer events, Volunteer Rewards and Sports Grants and Volunteer Days.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: CNOOC International

Phone Number: 403-699-4000


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