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Community Project Grant │ Edmonton Heritage Council


Maximum of $25,000


The Community Project Grants stream of the Heritage Community Investment Program (HCIP) provides project-based assistance to organizations to preserve, research, document, interpret, celebrate, and raise awareness of the history and heritage of Edmonton. This program is intended to result in diverse ways of presenting Edmonton’s stories, for the benefit of all Edmontonians.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for a Community Project Grant through HCIP:

  • The organization must be a non-profit society, registered in Alberta for at least one year.
  • The project must have programming and interpretation specifically about the Edmonton story and have a demonstrated benefit to the residents of Edmonton.
  • The applicant must be up to date with final reports for other HCIP-funded work, including returning any unused grant
    funds. Applicants who have been granted extensions on other HCIP-funded work are also not eligible to apply.
  • Project work cannot already be underway and cannot begin prior to receiving notification of grant results from the EHC.
  • The project must be a one-time or pilot initiative with clear start and end dates, as well as a specific scope of activities
    separate from regular operations and/or programs.

Eligible Expenses

The Community Project Grant will invest up to 75% of eligible expenses to a maximum of $25,000, directly associated with the development and production of projects related to Edmonton’s heritage and history, including but not limited to:

  • Contracted or dedicated project staff salary and wages
  • Research and documentation activities
  • Outreach and engagement activities
  • The Project Grant is intended to fund one-time projects with clear start and end dates that have a specific scope of activities separate from regular operations and/or programs.
  • Expenses that have already been incurred, capital purchases, and costs related to fundraising efforts are not eligible to be covered under this grant.

Deadline Date

September 4, 2020


Contact Name: Julia Darby - EHC Grants Coordinator

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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