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Community Resiliency Investment | Union of BC Municipalities




The Community Resiliency Investment (CRI) program is intended to reduce the risk and impact of wildfire to communities in BC through community funding, supports and priority fuel management activities on provincial Crown land.  The program was launched in 2018 and more than 120 First Nations and local governments have received funding.

Eligible Applicants

All local governments (municipalities and regional districts) and First Nations (bands and Treaty First Nations) in BC are eligible to apply. Eligible applicants can submit one application per intake, including regional applications or participation as a partnering applicant in a regional application.

Eligible Expenses

To be eligible for funding, applications must demonstrate that proposed activities will increase community resiliency by undertaking community-based FireSmart planning and activities that reduce the community’s risk from wildfire.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Union of BC Municipalities

Phone Number: (250) 356-2947

E-mail Address:


Industry: Non-Profit, Location: British Colombia ,
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