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Continuing Care Capital Program – Modernization Stream Grant │ Government of Alberta




This Modernization Stream targets the modernization of existing aging infrastructure and is not focused on the addition of net new continuing care capacity; the future Priority Communities Stream will target the addition of new continuing care capacity to Alberta’s health system.

Eligible Applicants

Modernization Stream grant funding is available to not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, housing management bodies, and municipalities that meet the eligibility criteria for Residences such as:

  • Not publicly-owned (i.e., facilities owned by AHS are not eligible, regardless of operator);
  • In a Priority Community;
  • 40 or more years old, or, containing shared accommodations, or, containing non-B2 or
  • non-B3 occupancy classifications; and
  • Providing (or will be providing) DSL4, DSL4D (dementia) and/or LTC services under an
  • existing contract with AHS (with the potential to add spaces to align with Table 1), at the
  • Residence proposed for modernization, with an established history of quality service to
  • their community

Eligible Expenses

Alberta Health is currently accepting Grant Applications for capital funding in support of the replacement, renovation and/or upgrading of existing Continuing Care Residences that require improvement to meet modern standards.

Deadline Date

  January 6, 2023.
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