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Cooperative Investment Fund – Rural Development and Promotion │ Travel Alberta


up to $100,000.


Investment will support destination development and promotional initiatives that aim to grow visitation and support building the Alberta visitor economy. Organizations, communities, and associations in rural regions of Alberta are eligible to apply.


  • Foster community alignment around a shared vision for tourism
  • Support regional promotional strategies aimed at growing visitation and driving cash flow to tourism businesses
  • Support a diversified and sustainable visitor economy through attraction and planning of cultural events, business events and major sporting events

Eligible Applicants

  • Municipalities, destination marketing/management organizations, not-for-profits, chambers of commerce, and industry associations with a focus and/or mandate in tourism development and promotion
  • Non-municipal applicants must have an active ATIS account
  • Non-municipal partners must have been in operation for a minimum of three (3) years

Eligible Expenses

  • Destination Promotion
    • Targeted online ads as part of an integrated, multi-faceted marketing campaign
    • Creative development + agency support
    • Radio/tv/print advertising that presents a unified tourism message
    • Social strategy and implementation (including costs related to contracted community management)
    • Media and public relations
    • Content development including photography, video and written content (shot list must be included with the application)
  • Destination Development:
    • Attraction of business events
    • Destination planning and research aimed at growing the visitor economy
    • Workforce development including educational seminars and building destination capacity
    • Destination animation programming available to visitors on a regular, scheduled basis (daily, weekly, monthly) and demonstrate how it is designed for long term availability
    • Membership fees (i.e. TIAA)

Deadline Date

  February 6 - March 6, 2023.
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