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Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) │ Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS)


IDEaS will fund 50 percent


The CAF will provide the Participants with access to a range environment where various UAS systems will be operated by the CAF in an appropriate manner and distances for the scenario. The Participant will demonstrate the functionality and capability of their technology in detecting and/or defeating the UAS, as applicable to their solution.

Eligible Applicants

This CFA is open to individuals, academia, not for profit organizations, and industry of any size, as well as provincial, territorial, and municipal organizations.

Federal government departments/agencies, and federal Crown Corporations are not eligible to submit applications to this CFA.

Eligible Expenses

Cost Sharing

DND/CAF is providing the Sandbox environment at no cost to Participants; however, DND/CAF recognizes there are costs incurred for participation to conduct the required testing and demonstrations.

On a cost sharing basis, IDEaS will fund 50 percent of identified reasonable expenses as outlined below provided the Participant also pays 50%, up to a maximum combined 100% amount of $24,000 (the Cost Sharing Ceiling for the CUAS Sandbox). The Participant is 100% responsible for all costs above the ceiling amount, as well as all costs not covered as described below.

Eligible Costs

All costs claimed must be directly attributable to attending the Sandbox itself and are inclusive of delivered duty paid and applicable taxes. The types of claimable expenses under this cost-sharing arrangement are limited to:

    • Travel, accommodation, and living expenses. The National Joint Council Travel Directive will apply for any travel, accommodation and living expenses.
    • Shipping and transportation expenses of equipment to/from the Sandbox environment.

Deadline Date

  will open in January 2022
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