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COVID-19 Business Adaptation Advice Program


100 per cent of the cost (to a maximum of $2,500) to engage a professional business consultant.


The COVID-19 Business Adaptation Advice program provides a non-repayable contribution to Prince Edward Island businesses, entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, and non-governmental organizations to access professional advice and support to adapt or recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

Eligible Applicants

PEI Businesses who have been impacted by the effects of COVID -19 measures are eligible to apply, with the exception of real estate development.

Eligible Expenses

This assistance will contribute to the costs associated with:

  • obtaining business, human resources or financial planning and advice
  • obtaining advice on transitioning to digital or IT solutions
  • obtaining advice on exporting, marketing, and logistics
  • obtaining other professional services which may be of assistance in adapting or recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, determined in consultation with Innovation PEI

Deadline Date

July 31, 2020
Industry: Other, Location: PEI ,
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