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Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF):


$1,500,000 / year


Public Safety Canada is working to build a safe and resilient Canada through the National Crime Prevention Strategy (NCPS).  The Crime Prevention Action Fund (CPAF) under the NCPS, provides time-limited funding in the form of grants and contributions to support the implementation and evaluation of local, targeted and tailored crime prevention initiatives with an objective to develop and share the knowledge of what works.

The 2021 CPAF Call for Applications priorities are:
1. Multi- Sectoral Direct Intervention Project
2. Research on Multi-Sectoral Initiative
3. Research on the Impacts of the Pandemic

Eligible Applicants

Contributions may be provided to the following classes of recipients in support of the objectives of the NCPS:

  • Community or professional organizations, societies and associations which have associated themselves with a not-for-profit purpose, and which have the mandate to represent their membership or community;
  • Provincial, territorial, regional, municipal and local governments;
  • Aboriginal governments, organizations and communities;
  • Provincial, municipal and Indigenous police services; and
  • Canadian universities, educational institutions/boards of education and Centres of excellence.
  • Crown corporations, for-profit groups and individuals are examples of recipients that are not eligible for funding under the NCPS.

Eligible Expenses

Funds may be used only for expenditures directly related to the activities of the project identified in a budget approved by the Department.

For a full list of eligible and ineligible expenditures, please refer to the CPAF Terms and Conditions.

Deadline Date

  Closed. Previous deadline: October 6, 2021.
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