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CSES Research Grant




In collaboration with the Canadian Shoulder and Elbow Society, the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is introducing a new research awards program; the CSES Research Grant. This award was established to support and encourage orthopaedic surgeons to conduct collaborative shoulder or elbow research. The total number of awards each year will be variable, based on available funding. Individual awards are in the amount of $20,000.

Eligible Applicants

  • One of the principal investigators must be a member of CSES in good standing.
  • One of the Principal or Secondary Investigators must be a COA member or associate member in good standing.
  • One of the principal investigators must be an orthopaedic surgeon working in a Canadian orthopaedic centre both at the time of application and at the award’s receipt.
  • Propose a pre-clinical or clinical study with the potential to improve clinical outcomes of a Shoulder or Elbow disorder.
  • Conduct the research in conjunction with other CSES members if the research proposal is a clinical trial.
  • Research projects previously funded will not be considered for an award, that is, research projects will not be funded for linear growth.

Eligible Expenses

In this proposal, applicants are expected to provide a systematic, logical description of the project or line of research, which demonstrates familiarity with the subject matter and a carefully formulated plan of implementation. The rationale, the project plan, the methods and procedures to be used, the mode of analysis to be employed should be clearly outlined. In general terms, the proposal describes the work, proceeding from general theoretical considerations to the specific project, culminating in a budget. The budget qualifies the work in terms of personnel, materials, services or other requirements.

Deadline Date

February 28, 2021


Contact Name: Emma Koiston

E-mail Address:


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