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Cyberinfrastructure Initiative grant │ Research Capacity Program


RCP will fund up to 40% of the total eligible project costs for successful applications.


The Cyberinfrastructure Initiative (CYB) stream coordinates with the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)’s Cyberinfrastructure Initiative to enhance the capacity of Canadian institutions and researchers to conduct leading-edge research in areas of demonstrated strength by supporting the infrastructure needs of computationally- and data-intensive research.

There are 2 challenges under the CYB.

  • Challenge 1: Funding for institutional research data infrastructure projects that, in collaboration with Compute Canada, enable communities of researchers, along with data scientists, data analysts, software developers, and other experts to devise optimal ways of organizing and using research data resources.
  • Challenge 2: Funding will be provided for upgrading and modernizing computational and data storage capacities of the pan-Canadian advanced research computing platform, managed by Compute Canada.

Eligible Applicants

Canadian universities, colleges, research hospitals, and non-profit research institutions that have been recognized as eligible by the CFI can apply.

For applications submitted under Challenge 2, the administrative institution must be a member of Compute Canada as well as a CFI-eligible institution. Please note that eligible costs are those costs identified according to the CFI requirements.

See the CFI’s Policy and Program Guide for more details.

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date

  RCP will hold complementary CYB Challenge 1 and 2 competitions for future CFI Cyberinfrastructure competitions, as announced by the CFI.


Contact Name: Neil Sulakhe

Phone Number: 780-427-6022

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