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Dairy Processing Investment Fund




The Dairy Processing Investment Fund was established to provide funding to dairy processors for investments that will improve productivity and competitiveness, and help them prepare to market changes resulting from the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are:

  • For-profit organizations, including co-operatives, which are small and medium cheese makers;
  • For-profit organizations, including large cheese makers and all other organizations involved in processing dairy products in Canada whose projects have benefits that accrue broadly, namely:
    • the application of technologies to make use of surplus skim milk (for example, a project to purchase and install new milk drying equipment); or
    • increasing the facility’s capacity to use milk or milk components by 1.6% (rate established based on the expected impact from CETA) above the market forecast growth, through expansion or new product development; and
  • Not-for-profit organizations involved in or representing the dairy processing sector in Canada.
    Note: Not-for-profit organizations operating dairy processing facilities which manufacture dairy products for commercial sale may apply for capital assistance related to those operations. All other not-for-profit organizations are only eligible for Access to Expertise projects.

Only projects related to dairy processing will be considered as eligible under the Fund.

Eligible Expenses

  • Capital/Assets
  • Contracted Services
  • Salaries/Benefits
  • Administration
  • Travel
  • Other Direct Project Costs

For more detailed information, please click the link indicated below.

Deadline Date

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