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Digital Now: Grants for digital artistic content | Canada Council for the Arts


Fixed grant amounts of $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000 for expenses directly related to the activity.


Digital Now is a one-time digital innovation initiative. The initiative offers grants to arts groups, collectives, and organizations to adapt existing works or create new ones to be shared virtually with audiences.

Digital Now offers a springboard for the arts sector, during this period of health-related restrictions, to make a digital leap for the sector’s recovery and stimulate job creation. Funded projects will draw on a breadth of artists and arts workers and reach local, Canada-wide, and international audiences.

Eligible Applicants

Potential applicants to this initiative include:

  • Canadian artistic organizations; and
  • Canadian artistic groups and collectives.

Your eligibility to apply is determined based on the profile created in the Canada Council portal and approved by the Council.

Arts organizations currently receiving core grants are eligible to apply under this initiative.

Eligible Expenses

The project must result in work that can be shared digitally. You can apply for costs related to the development, creation, adaptation, production, promotion, dissemination, and optimization of digital artistic content, including:

  • new works or adapt existing works;
  • content of any length, in any field of practice and for any age group that can be disseminated through any digital means;
  • hybrid activities that combine digital and in-person dissemination;
  • projects that contract artists and arts workers and pay professional fees and/or salaries.

Deadline Date

  March 31, 2021; April 28, 2021


Contact Name: Canada Council for the Arts

E-mail Address:


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