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Digital Strategy Fund: Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement | Canada Council for the Arts


$50,000 - $500,000


The Public Access to the Arts and Citizen Engagement component funds Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations to improve the public’s access, engagement and participation in the arts through digital means. It supports innovative digital initiatives that:

  • enhance the artistic experience of diverse publics;
  • encourage the participation and engagement of citizens with the arts;
  • increase discoverability and access to the works of Canadian artists, both at home and abroad.

Applicants may request a grant for a single- or multi-phase initiative.

Eligible Applicants

  • Professional artists
  • Arts professionals (excluding consultants and third-party service providers)
  • Artistic groups
  • Canadian arts organizations

Eligible Expenses

Expenses – what is eligible

  • For requests up to $50,000: 85% of eligible costs
  • For requests of $50,001 to $500,000: 85% of eligible costs

Eligible Expenses

All expenses directly related to carrying outthe proposed initiative are eligible, including but not limited to:

  • honoraria and fees paid to artists, experts, trainers, facilitators, project managers, developers and consultants directly involved in carrying out the initiative;
  • travel, accommodation and per diem costs;
  • licensing fees;
  • equipment rental costs;
  • data acquisition costs;
  • public accessibility costs, e.g. sign language interpretation, captioning, audio description, etc.;
  • costs of sharing results and transferring acquired knowledge to the community;
  • other costs directly related to carrying out the initiative (must be justified).

The following expenses are also eligible, but subject to certain limits:

  • administrative costs up to 15% of the total grant requested;
  • equipment purchase costs up to 15% of the total grant requested;
  • content creation and digital media production costs up to 15% of the total grant requested.

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.
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