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Digital Strategy Fund: Transformation of Organizational Models | Canada Council for the Arts


$50,000 – $500,000


The Transformation of Organizational Models component helps arts organizations adapt to the digital environment by transforming the way they work. It supports innovative digital initiatives that:

  • help arts organizations transform the way they work in order to address challenges, seize opportunities and adapt to a networked and connected environment.

Applicants may request a grant for a single- or multi-phase initiative.

Eligible Applicants

  • Professional artists
  • Arts professionals (excluding consultants and third-party service providers)
  • Artistic groups
  • Canadian arts organizations

Eligible Expenses

Expenses – what is eligible

  • For requests up to $50,000: 85% of eligible costs
  • For requests of $50,001 to $500,000: 85% of eligible costs

Eligible Expenses

All expenses directly related to carrying out the proposed initiative are eligible, including but not limited to:

  • honoraria and fees paid to artists, experts, trainers, facilitators, project managers, developers and consultants directly involved in carrying out the initiative;
  • travel, accommodation and per diem costs;
  • licensing fees;
  • equipment rental costs;
  • data acquisition costs;
  • public accessibility costs, e.g. sign language interpretation, captioning, audio description, etc.;
  • costs of sharing results and transferring acquired knowledge to the community;
  • other costs directly related to carrying out the initiative (must be justified).

The following expenses are also eligible, but subject to certain limits:

  • administrative costs up to 15% of the total grant requested;
  • equipment purchase costs up to 15% of the total grant requested;
  • content creation and digital media production costs up to 15% of the total grant requested.

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.
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