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Efficient Grain Handling Program │Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP):


Program funding is 50% of eligible expenses. The minimum grant is $500; the maximum grant is $100,000.


The Efficient Grain Handling Program assists primary producers with reducing the overall energy use on their farms. The program supports the purchase of grain handling system components that significantly improve energy efficiency over standard practices.

Eligible Applicants

An applicant must:

  • be a Primary Producer
  • be responsible for input costs for a crop, bee, or livestock operation that produces at least $25,000 worth of farm commodities annually
  • not be a landlord whose only interest in a crop, bee, or livestock operation is ownership of the land, and


  • have a valid and current Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) certificate or completion letter, or
  • submit a copy of an EFP letter of completion or certificate with the Reimbursement Claim Form

Eligible Expenses

Eligible activities:

The cost of grain handling system components that significantly improve energy efficiency above standard configuration are eligible under the program. These components can be factory options on new equipment or retrofits installed on existing equipment. The minister must be satisfied that the applicant’s components offer significant energy efficiency improvements.

Installation and labour costs are not ineligible except as part of an eligible pipeline-to-grain-dryer project.

Deadline Date

   Accepting applications from April 3, 2023.


Contact Name: Efficient Grain Handling Program team

Phone Number: 310-FARM (3276)

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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