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Elementary and Secondary Education Program │ Indigenous Services Canada:




The Elementary and Secondary Education Program supports elementary and secondary education for First Nations students, schools and communities by working in partnership with First Nations to help close the education outcome gaps between First Nations peoples and other Canadians.

Eligible Applicants

Funding is given directly to First Nations or to organizations designated by a First Nation, based on the number of students listed in the nominal roll.

Eligible Expenses

The approach replaces proposal-based programs with a formula-based funding model, based on provincially-comparable funding and includes:

  • enhancements for language and culture programming
  • full-day kindergarten for ages 4 and 5 in First Nations schools
  • more funding for specific cost drivers to First Nations schools

Deadline Date

  To be included on the nominal roll, a student must be eligible, registered for school and be in regular attendance on the last instructional day of September in a school year.


Contact Name: Indigenous Services Canada

E-mail Address:


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