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Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA):


Maximum $10,000,000.


Emissions Reduction Alberta is a registered tradename of the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation. CCEMC was created as a key part of Alberta’s Climate Change Strategy and movement toward a stronger and more diverse lower-carbon economy.

Eligible Applicants


ERA has two funding streams to help Alberta prosper while reducing emissions.

Eligible Expenses

ERA’s clean technology investments help innovators develop and demonstrate Alberta-based technologies that lower emissions and costs. Scaling up innovation will ensure Alberta succeeds in a lower emissions world. ERA is investing in a diverse portfolio of transformative, sustainable technologies that reduce GHG emissions and position Alberta for success in a lower emissions economy. ERA’s Technology Roadmap Areas of Focus are:

  • CLEANER OIL & GAS – Transformative technologies and innovation to reduce the GHG footprint of Alberta’s fossil fuel supply chain and explore alternative fuel and value-add opportunities that can help sustainability grow and diversify the province’s energy economy.
  • LOW EMITTING ELECTRICITY SYSTEM – Technology and innovation to support a reliable, lower carbon electricity system, including reducing the GHG footprint of Alberta’s electricity supply mix, increasing the deployment of renewable energy, and enabling a smarter electricity grid that can power Alberta’s homes and businesses.
  • FOOD, FIBRE, & BIOINDUSTRIES – Innovation processes and technologies to advance Alberta’s bioeconomy, and reduce GHG’s, including novel agriculture and forestry practices; bioenergy and biomaterials; waste management and waste energy; and enhanced carbon retention.
  • LOW-CARBON INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES & PRODUCTS – Technologies to deliver GHG reductions through energy efficiency, industrial process innovation, and low-GHG materials and chemicals.

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.


Contact Name: ERA

Phone Number: 780-498-2068

E-mail Address:


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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