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Employment Partnerships Program (EPP)




Employment Partnerships Program (EPP) provides funding to Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program agreement holders for Indigenous workforce development.

EPP project priorities are to:

  • provide direct training and employment supports
  • foster industry partnerships to expand the availability, accessibility and quality of Indigenous employment opportunities
  • inform organizational priorities with labour market information to better meet skills needs and market demand

Eligible Applicants

The following Albertan organizations are eligible to apply:

Applicants must also be:

  • corporate entities in good standing
  • entities in compliance with the terms and conditions of any previously received funds from Indigenous Relations

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses can include:

  • direct training costs
  • training supplies and materials
  • venues for training or employment, industry or planning events
  • wages and benefits for dedicated project staff members
  • required travel expenses for project participants
  • project administration costs – must be clearly justified based on the project activities and scope
  • elder honoraria

There is not a maximum amount established for grant funding requests, however funding is limited. For example an application request for over $300,000, may not receive full funding as funding is dependent on the number of applications received. It is suggested that the application request include the minimum amount required to run the project successfully.  Funding consideration will be determined by:

  • availability of funding
  • alignment to program priorities
  • ability of partners to make financial, in-kind or both types of contributions

Deadline Date

  The 2021-22 Employment Partnerships Program (EPP) call for proposals opened Tuesday, August 3 and closes Friday, October 15.


Contact Name: Employment Partnerships Program

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