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Energy Innovation Program (EIP): Clean Energy Innovation | Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)




The Energy Innovation Program (EIP) is providing funding to support clean energy innovation. Accelerating clean technology research and development is a key component of the Government of Canada’s approach to promoting sustainable economic growth and to supporting Canada’s transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Strategic priority areas: renewable, smart grid and storage systems; reducing diesel use by industrial operators in northern and remote communities; methane and VOC emission reduction; reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector; carbon capture, use and storage; improving industrial efficiency.

EIP Funding:

Eligible Applicants

Eligible recipients may include:

1) Legal entities validly incorporated or registered in Canada, including:

  • For profit and not for profit organizations such as electricity and gas utilities, electricity system operators, transmissions owners and operators, companies, industry associations, research associations, and standards organizations;
  • Indigenous organizations and groups;
  • Community groups; and
  • Canadian academic institutions.

2) Provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and their departments and agencies where applicable.It is expected that Proponents (the entity that will sign a contribution agreement with NRCan) will be the majority owner of any assets purchased in full or in part by funding provided by NRCan.

Eligible Expenses

  • Supporting Clean Energy Innovation across four Missions
  • Improving efficiency and processes to reduce emissions from energy end-use
  • Accelerating electrification and maximize benefits of low-emitting heat and power
  • Developing cleaner hydrocarbon and renewable fuels pathways
  • Maintaining safe and resilient energy systems to protect Canadians in the changing energy landscape

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.
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