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Entrepreneurial Investments | Alberta Innovates




Investing in Alberta Business:

The innovation journey is rarely a linear, sequential process. We assist high-growth, high-potential SMEs to reduce the time it takes to commercialize new technology and knowledge-based products, and to scale their business.

We support innovation in Alberta through Coaching, Community, and Capital to help Alberta businesses commercialize new technology and grow our province’s economy.

Eligible Applicants

  • High-growth, high-potential Alberta-based small-medium enterprises (SMEs) developing and/or commercializing new technology
  • Companies developing innovative products and processes intended to be commercialized and sold, not for internal productivity benefits.

Eligible Expenses

Through our funding programs, we invest in high-growth, high-potential companies that will become self-sustaining and positioned to provide economic and social benefits to Alberta.

We support innovation in all sectors, and in recent years have increasingly focused on aligning our investment portfolio and funding to innovation in the following focus areas:

  • Data-enabled innovation – Transforming data into actionable information and enabling digital transformation
  • Digital technology for business transformation – Products that leverage technology to sense and measure information to conduct business; Development and sale of digital technology valued by businesses. Examples include sensor and measurement technology; Saleable products that enable innovative production and distribution
  • Clean technology for a lower carbon future – Innovation for a low carbon future
  • Innovative production and distribution – Additive manufacturing and distribution technologies

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Contact Name: Alberta Innovates

E-mail Address: 1-877-423-5727


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