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Entrepreneurship Sprint | Platform Calgary


Receive a $500 grant for your work provided by the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking at the University of Calgary.


The Entrepreneurship Sprint is an entrepreneurial work-integrated learning (EWIL) experience that allows early-stage student entrepreneurs, who have a new idea, to gain the knowledge and mindset required to pursue and validate their idea.

The program is a paid 5-week sprint that introduces students to startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The program, through mentorship, peer networking, and coursework, equips new entrepreneurs with the foundations to not only successfully validate an idea but to bring an entrepreneurial mindset into future careers and workplaces.

By the end of the 5-week sprint, students will have the confidence to make an informed decision to pivot or persist. This experiential sprint contributes to an understanding of innovation and builds student awareness of the practical experiences of entrepreneurs and how they create value.

Eligible Applicants

This program is open to post-secondary students across Alberta who have an idea for a startup or are currently pursuing a startup venture (note: research projects are not supported).

1 student per startup founding team.

Eligible Expenses

The Entrepreneurship Sprint is a 6-8 hour per week commitment including 5, 60-minute asynchronous digital lectures, five 60 minute group advising sessions, and individual work to meet the goals set each week.

Deadline Date

September 23, 2020
Industry: Employment, Location: Alberta ,
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