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Product/ Experience Development Investment | Travel Alberta




Investment supporting individual tourism businesses to RESTART operations with a focus on program development for visitors onsite (in person), online and/or virtually.

Eligible Applicants

Alberta-based tourism industry operators.

Please Contact your Experience Development Manager are available here to learn more.

Eligible Expenses

  • Capital costs for program development up to $5,000 (COVID-19 related costs)
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Development and delivery of virtual experiences
  • Interpretive Programming Development including costs related to the development of a new experience
  • Business planning and strategy development by a qualified third party with a focus on planning for a possible second wave of quarantine protocols in fall 2020
  • Development and delivery of a health and safety plan
  • Content Development including website redevelopment, photography and video and written content

Deadline Date

  Summer: June 1-30, 2020; Fall/Winter: September 1-30, 2020
Industry: Tourism, Location: Alberta ,
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