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Export Readiness Micro-Voucher Program | Alberta Innovates:


Up to $20,000 paid directly to the Service Provider


The Export Readiness Micro-Voucher Program, (the “Program”) is a part of the Alberta Export Expansion Package (AEEP) presented by the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (“EDT”). The Program has been designed to provide a relatively quick and flexible financial solution to support Alberta Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME” s) which are considering entering new international markets by offsetting the cost of obtaining an expert market assessment. The Program is funded by the EDT, and is administered by Alberta Innovates.

Eligible Applicants

To qualify as an Applicant, an SME is required to satisfy the following criteria:

  • be a for-profit Alberta SME; with a minimum of $20,000 of revenue (sales) in the current or previous fiscal year; no conflict of interest in the relationship between the Applicant and Service Provider; have a physical presence in Alberta; a company with fewer than 500 Full Time employees, and less than $50,000,000 annual gross revenue; be a legal entity; be in good financial standing with Alberta Innovates and its subsidiaries InnoTech Alberta and C-Fer Technologies; and have had no more than one previous ERMV.

For Service Provider Eligibility Criteria:

  • be Arm’s Length from the Applicant (cannot have any legal relationship with the Applicant); provide the service(s) and/or product(s) at reasonable market rates; provide a detailed Statement of Work; be a legal entity; be legally permitted to enter, remain in, and perform the services in Canada during the Project Term; and be in good financial standing with Alberta Innovates and its subsidiaries InnoTech Alberta and  C-Fer Technologies.

Project Eligibility Criteria:

  • demonstrate clear activities that lead to export and market expansion; expand research for export to new jurisdiction; be completed by March 31, 2021; be approved by both Alberta Innovates and Alberta Economic Development Trade and Tourism; submit to other criteria that Alberta Innovates may develop from time to time.

Eligible Expenses

Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) interested in expansion into international markets can apply for up to $10,000 to offset the cost to hire a service provider to assist with the development of export related strategies such as:

  • Market entry strategy or export plan
  • Legal advice (patent protection support)
  • Accountancy advice (taxes)
  • Tariff, certification requirements or regulations advice
  • Export pricing strategy
  • Distribution and logistic
  • International marketing plan
  • Translation support (to translate user manuals, product guides etc.)

The program is intended to support SMEs to align their international plans with global opportunities and to evaluate the risks and benefits of exporting prior to entering new global markets.

Deadline Date

  Accepting new applications. This program is set to end on May 1, 2023 or when all funds are disbursed.


Contact Name: Technology Development Advisors

Phone Number: 403-210-5229

E-mail Address:


Industry: Export, Location: Alberta ,
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