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Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP) | Alberta Agriculture and Forestry:




The Farm Energy and Agri-Processors (FEAP) program will share costs with producers who are upgrading components of their grain dryers to high-efficiency models, either as part of a new dryer, or when retrofitting components of an existing dryer.

Eligible Applicants

Agricultural sector in Alberta.

Eligible Expenses

Examples of eligible retrofits may include:

  • hopper covers
  • automatic moisture controllers
  • new high-efficiency burners
  • variable speed drives (VSD) for electric motors
  • PTO to electric motor conversion
  • insulated plenums
  • exhaust air recirculation systems or secondary heat exchangers
  • gravity-fill roofs that replace powered leveling augers

Examples of eligible new components include upgrade options such as:

  • heat exchangers
  • preheat systems utilizing exhaust air
  • optional high-efficiency burners
  • variable speed drives (VSD) for electric motors
  • optional automated moisture controllers
  • gravity-fill roofs used in place of powered leveling augers

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Contact Name: Government of Alberta

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Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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