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FireSmart Alberta | Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta




FRIAA FireSmart endeavours to offer funding opportunities twice a year, typically in the summer and winter, subject to funding availability. FRIAA serves the people of Alberta and is accountable to the Minister responsible for Forestry. Over nearly two decades, FRIAA has helped Alberta continue to develop world-class forest management practices and a sophisticated understanding of the relationships between things like human activity, forest resources, species at risk, and wildfire. It is, uniquely, an organization able to collaborate with Academia, Government, Municipalities, Communities and Industry. It has supported practical and applied research, on-the-ground forest improvement strategies as well as innovative approaches to forest inventory and planning that helps Alberta manage its forest resource in a sustainable manner.

Eligible Applicants

Funding opportunities are open to Alberta communities and municipalities, First Nations, Metis Settlements and Locals and other eligible organizations.

Eligible Expenses

To be eligible for funding, applications must demonstrate that proposed activities will increase community resiliency by undertaking community-based FireSmart planning and activities that reduce the community’s risk from wildfire.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: FireSmart Alberta

Phone Number: (780) 429-5873

E-mail Address:


Industry: Indigenous, Municipalities, Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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