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First Nation Infrastructure Fund




The First Nation Infrastructure Fund (FNIF) helps First Nation communities improve and increase public infrastructure to improve the quality of life and the environment for First Nation communities. The FNIF supports a wide range of infrastructure projects that are on reserve, Crown land or land set aside for the use and benefit of First Nations. The FNIF targets infrastructure categories with long-standing community needs. Off-reserve projects can be considered if they are cost-shared with non-First Nation partners, such as nearby municipalities or other Indigenous partners.

Eligible Applicants

  • Indigenous beneficiaries
    • First Nations / Inuit governments
    • bands/settlements (land, reserves, trusts)
    • district councils/chief councils
    • tribal councils
  • Organizations
    • societies
    • institutions
    • corporations (where the major stakeholder is First Nation/Innu/Inuit)
    • partnerships (such as public-private)
  • Private and public groups
    • associations
    • corporations
    • universities, colleges and training institutions
    • local authorities
    • municipalities
    • provincial and territorial governments and agencies

Eligible Expenses

The FNIF was created as a complementary source of funding to the Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program and includes eight categories of eligible infrastructure projects:

  1. planning and skills development
  2. solid waste management
  3. roads and bridges
  4. energy systems
  5. connectivity
  6. structural mitigation (previously disaster mitigation)
  7. fire protection
  8. cultural and recreational facilities

Deadline Date

  Fall of each year


Contact Name: INAC regional office

Phone Number: (780) 495-2773


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