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Food, Farming, and Forestry Challenge | Emissions Reduction Alberta


Up to $5 million per project and up to 50 per cent of total project costs.


Emissions Reduction Alberta’s new $40 million Food, Farming, and Forestry Challenge aims to accelerate innovation in support of long-term competitiveness and stimulate growth in the critically important agriculture, agri-food, fibre, and forestry sectors.

It provides near-term capital to innovators in these critical Alberta industries, while also identifying opportunities and solutions for longer term economic recovery, investment attraction, job creation, and emissions reduction.

Eligible Applicants

Innovators with pilot, demonstration, scale-up, and first-of-kind deployment projects are invited to apply. Proposals may be submitted by farmers, ranchers, innovators, technology developers, Indigenous communities, industry, industrial associations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research and development (R&D) organizations, post secondary institutions, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, government research labs, and individuals. Partnerships and collaborations between multiple organizations are encouraged.

Eligible Expenses

For more detailed information on eligible expenses, please click the link indicated below.

Deadline Date

August 27, 2020


Contact Name: Emission Reduction Alberta

Phone Number: 780-498-2068

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Alberta ,
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