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Future NB:




Future NB helps employers access student talent to develop their workforce, start new or expand current projects, and recruit and retain new employees through experiential learning. These early meaningful connections with students help employers to continue to do great work today – and plan for tomorrow’s needs at the same time.

Eligible Applicants


As a leading employer, in the private or not-for-profit sector, you can partner with an educational institution to provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities for students. By supporting these experiences, students will gain a tangible avenue to explore their passions, identify transferable skills and competencies, and prepare them to create a brighter New Brunswick.

Students must:

  • be registered as a student at a public university
  • be considered a student for the duration of the experience
  • be able to participate in meetings, surveys, focus groups/consultations including reflective submissions, as required

Eligible Expenses

  • Wage Subsidies
  • Transportation
  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Connections
  • Future Employment

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Future NB

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Industry: Employment, Location: New Brunswick ,
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