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Graduate Student Scholarships




Graduate Student Scholarships supports academically superior graduate students who are receiving training and conducting research in areas that are strategically important to Alberta’s economy.

This program is specifically targeted at the following emerging technology areas:

  • information and communications technologies (ICT),
  • nanotechnologies,
  • and genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, regulomics or glycomic (‘omics) technologies in and of themselves or which additionally support the innovation priority areas of Environment & Climate, Energy, Food & Agriculture, Fibre/Bioindustrial, and Health.

Eligible Applicants

  • This funding is open to Canadian, permanent resident and international students pursuing graduate studies at an Alberta university in one of the three eligible research areas (ICT, nanotechnology, or omics).
  • Scholarship terms vary from one to four years, depending on the circumstances of the applicant.
  • Scholarship requirements and conditions at the start date of the award continue through the term of the scholarship.
  • Students who have been awarded an Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship must complete annual and final reports through the term of their award and post-award reports after the end of the award.
  • Multi-year scholarships are renewed annually after the first year upon satisfactory reporting by the student.
  • Graduate students (masters or doctoral level) undertaking full-time research at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, or University of Lethbridge are eligible for Graduate Student Scholarships .

Eligible Expenses

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Deadline Date

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Contact Name: Team Lead, Graduate Student Scholarships - Post-Secondary Investments

Phone Number: 780-450-5553

E-mail Address:


Industry: University Partnerships, Location: Alberta ,
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